Our services

Who are we?

Mosolykulcs is a skill development center designed for children, where they can thrive in an atmosphere of love and joy. Equipped with the latest examination and therapeutic procedures and methods, we ensure a high level of professional quality.

Our approach is characterized by child-centeredness, as we strive to align as closely as possible with each child's individual needs. Since play is the primary activity of children, our sessions take place in a playful manner, with frequent changes of activities to maintain their motivation.

With timely and professional intervention, deficits can be caught up and disadvantages can be eliminated. The effects of therapy become evident after just a few months!

As a first step, we always conduct a comprehensive assessment of the child's condition, upon which various therapies can be built. We always start therapy from the basics to ensure the stability of subsequent levels.

Our development center is characterized by a comprehensive approach, where various professionals work together to approach problem-solving from multiple angles.

Who we welcome

We warmly welcome children aged 3 months to 11 years who:

  • Show delayed/deviant developmental trajectories
  • Are hyperactive
  • Have attention deficits
  • Struggle with learning, behavioral, or adaptation disorders
  • Are at risk of unsuccessful school integration
  • Have severe speech impairments
  • Are clumsily coordinated in movemen
  • Experience balance disorders

Our Sessions:

  • TSMT Therapy
  • Fine motor skills improvement
  • Speech Therapy
  • Social-Communicative Development Therapy
  • School Preparation Sessions
  • Special Education
  • Psychology

Planned Sensomotor Training (TSMT in Hungarian)

The TSMT therapy program matures and structures the nervous system during the development of gross and fine motor skills. The session follows a structured format with graded difficulty levels based on the child's development. The therapy focuses on elemental movement patterns, reenactment and re-teaching of crawling and climbing, and the degradation of primitive infant reflexes, laying the foundation for the development and organization of higher-order movement patterns.

The motor tasks aid in the development of perception, awareness, body schema, spatial orientation, laterality, and dominance. They enhance the child's concentration, lay the groundwork for better attention control, and foster the development of seriality, rhythm sense, and motor creativity. Through tasks accompanied by chants and songs, communication and language skills improve. 


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    • mosolykulcs.kozpont@gmail.com